OVERVIEW- The first Caribbean Competition dedicated to all things Hair, Beauty, Fashion,   Music, Model, and Tourism.


Unifying:         Bringing all Caribbean and global regions together

Networking:   Incorporating, attracting, building & introducing the Billion Dollar Hair Care,

                        Beauty, Fashion, Music, Talent and Tourism Industries to a bigger audience

                        of Caribbean businesses and enthusiasts while engaging young people

Vibrant:          Exposing the biggest & smallest Hair, Beauty, Fashion, Music and Talent acts

                        that will call Images By Design  the “Connoisseur ” of Caribbean


Authentic:     Exploring the true essence, culture and talent within the Caribbean and


Informative:  Educating and exhibiting the latest trends in the Hair, Beauty, Fashion,

                        Music and Talent Industries

Loyal:              Committed to keeping our clients and people where ever they are, updated

                        with the latest information regarding all industry related products and

                        services throughout the Caribbean

Advocacy:      Promoting Youth Advocacy, College Life and Entrepreneurs  

Inclusive:        Face Of The Caribbean is for everyone! everywhere! in the Caribbean and